I’m so glad you’re here. I imagine it’s because deep down your heart’s set on doing something different with your life. And if  you’re like so many other midlifers I encounter, there’s way more to you than meets the eye … you just can’t see it yet.

Maybe you wonder, is it really even possible to make the changes you want? But you know that you’re tired of settling for ‘almost’ and going with the flow.

You want to feel energised and take yourself in new and satisfying directions. Looking to create something meaningful that lets you enjoy more accomplishment and fulfilment. Something that allows you to flourish in life on every level ~ and makes your soul shine and your heart do a little happy dance.

You’ve earned the right to love the way you live and choose work you love.

But there’s something in the way isn’t there?

You’ve turned a corner and lost sight of yourself and the vision you had for your life. You want to pursue those dreams you put on hold but don’t know how to go about it, and you’re confused about what’s right for you now.

So you stay stuck in routines, roles or relationships that no longer fit or express enough of who you are. Doing what’s practical instead of what you feel passionate about.

You have an urge to reinvent, but your fears are stopping you. Fear of making a fool of yourself, of what could go wrong, of what others might think. Sound familiar?

I understand … I’ve been that woman.

Who didn’t dare as greatly as she could for fear of failing or looking foolish. I know what it’s like to be afraid to really test the limits of your full potential and live full on.

It wasn’t always that way. I made my stage debut as a 2 year old; my first live TV appearance aged 5; won a national title at 12; and was presenting and producing my own daily live-to-air TV show at the ripe old age of 16 (and still at high school). I went on to notch up a lengthy media career and more years than I can count, starting, running and growing multiple businesses.

From the outside looking in, I was a ’success story’. But over the years I’ve endured more than my share of disappointments and setbacks … exploited by bad bosses and ripped off by toxic business partners. Despite the wins and accolades along the way, it profoundly shook my confidence and belief.

Then along came midlife. I went from being high profile and at the top of my game, to feeling washed up and directionless in a perfect storm of insecurity and uncertainty. What I was doing no longer expressed the best of me, but I felt stuck and struggled to see what I still had to offer.

What was the turnaround for me?

It seemed like divine intervention when I crossed paths with a remarkable young entrepreneur and photographer who helped me reconnect with the woman I used to be. She made me realise that being in your prime makes you power-full, not powerless. And that I could light the way for other women just like me. Hallelujah – I finally got my shift sorted.

Since choosing this path I’m on I haven’t looked back and life has never looked better. I realise now that I’m just coming into the best time of my life, my most powerful years … stronger, bolder and so much wiser and more ‘together’ than I’ve ever felt before. Relishing being a PRIMEPRENEUR – and doing life and business my way at the beach. It’s all that I reimagined and more.

Now I’m no Wonder Woman (even though it says so on my business card). I simply have a flair for unlocking the qualities that well-seasoned women are uniquely positioned to bring to their work and the world at large. A lifetime of experience, wisdom, grit and grace … and the difference only YOU can make.

Women are changing the way business works

Think you’re too old to be entrepreneurial, and can’t compete with those hip young things strutting their stuff on social media? Think again. These days, thanks mostly to technology, anyone can start a business. That’s why a growing number of career-weary women are breaking the mould and reinventing themselves – as PRIMEPRENEURS™.

PRIMEPRENEURS are living proof you’re never a done deal. Rich in experience and ripe with purpose, they bring savvy and substance to all they do … and aren’t afraid to do things differently. They have a non-negotiable commitment to showing up fully in every part of their life and celebrate their primeness for what it is – a path to their best self and their life’s best work. Enjoying the perks of more aliveness, fulfilment and wellbeing in the process.

As a PRIMEPRENEUR you get to embrace all the things you love in a way that works for you. So if you’ve ever dreamed of doing more with life and want to ignite your entrepreneurial mojo, what are you waiting for?

It’s your turn. Say “YES” to your prime life.

Have you got something you want to put out in the world? Is there an idea you’ve been harbouring or a dream you’ve been sitting on, but you’ve been too afraid to act on it?

You can sit back and wait to see what happens, or give yourself the best possible chance to make it happen – with the help of a midlife mentor who knows the score and can guide through this exciting journey of discovery.

My PRIMEPRENEUR™ Programs and Events will give you the strategies, systems and support you need, so you can find your groove again, step into your own and do what really matters to you.

Here are some of the ways I can help you:
  • Finding creative ways to think about your future.
  • Clarifying the direction that feels right for you.
  • Dealing with your fears and developing courage.
  • Discovering your untapped abilities and authentic self.
  • Redefining your personal brand.
  • Reimagining your work and creating a liveable business.
  • Designing a plan for your prime life.
  • Putting your new plans into action.

If nothing held you back, what would you create or do or achieve? Perhaps you’ve already reimagined “what’s next”, but aren’t sure what steps to take.

Let’s do this together and make your midlife reinvention positively life changing.

Let’s Get Started