Conventionally this is where I’d share my professional pedigree, but I’m anything but conventional so I’d like to do something different. You see, I want you to have an opportunity to really know me – the real me – not just the executive edition.

So I thought I’d give you a quick snapshot into my prime life and the journey that brought me here.

The Inside Story

I feel at home on stage, and it was my performance skills that landed me on the small screen. Daily live TV was exciting, unpredictable and great fun. Not always so rosy behind the scenes. Working your butt off, long hours, big demands, everybody wanting a piece of you and the constant struggle with the pressure to be perfect. But I was in my element … until I wasn’t.

The day the TV business decided I was redundant, the bottom dropped out of my world. But I had skills and I certainly wasn’t a wallflower. So I made the shift from entertainer to entrepreneur, and before long had launched my first award-winning business. The go-to girl for all things branding, marketing and creative.

Fast-forward 20 years and the mother of all turning points crept up on me. She was called Midlife and brought more dramatic changes with her than a Paris fashion show. Life and relationships shift, your body slips (south), hormonal chaos reigns supreme and insecurities get super-sized. Roles you’ve assumed for years start to fall away and you no longer feel as self-assured or attractive or unflappable. You haven’t achieved all the things you wanted to and start to worry whether or not you’ve left your run too late.

I had a choice. I could hang up my high heels, retreat into the background and settle for an ‘almost’ life.  Or I could turn things around, get out of my own way and get my shift together. I went with the Reset + Reimagine + Reinvent option behind Door 1. Did I still have another business in me? Ab-so-lutely! And so Hello Prime Life was born ~ to help prime women just like you make the best of the rest of your life.

I may not have scaled Everest or bounced on Oprah’s couch, but I do have 40-something incredibly successful and crazy-busy years under my belt as a media maven, female entrepreneur and fire-starting coach. Not to mention firsthand experience as a woman who’s dealt with everything midlife throws at you. I know this path you’re on and I’ve travelled it with countless other women. Along the way I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to drive your life in the direction you want, and live it fully and unconditionally.

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Time spent with Melissa has been the best reality check I could have asked for. She has helped me focus on what I do best and where I need to push myself more. But what I really value is that she does it with the non-judging warmth, humour and encouragement of a long-time friend.


When I began working with Melissa, we started with the most important relationship of all, the one you have with yourself. I have certainly experienced a significant change – not only in me but the way things have shifted for me in my business. I can’t get over how many ‘light bulb’ moments she has inspired for me, and couldn’t recommend a better person to have in your corner.


I’d never experienced coaching before, and right away I felt supported and listened to by someone who genuinely cares about the people she works with. She has the ability to get to the heart of the matter and her insights enabled me to look at my situation with fresh eyes and see more of the choices available to me. If you ever find yourself at a point where you’re unclear on what direction you want to take and what to do next, see Melissa.