You’ve hit midlife and there’s no turning back – but it’s never too late to turn things around. Creating “what’s next” for you starts with a conscious choice to get out of your funk and do things differently. To reignite that spark you were born with, redefine yourself, and thrive as PRIMEPRENEUR™ of your own life.
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Feel like an overhaul is overdue and you’d like to find out what your prime life could offer?
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Hello, I’m Melissa Davis

The Mother of Reinvention for women lost in midlife and Queen of Creative Turnarounds at Primepreneur HQ. But I’m also a woman in progress busily navigating the messy middle.

Everything I do is about helping women to rediscover who they are, reimagine what’s possible and reinvent what comes next. They’ve reached a turning point, crashed headlong into a crisis of confidence and are unsure which way to turn now. I make it easier for them to find pathways through the possibilities, create successful turnarounds and make changes that fit them. In short, I help them get their shift together!

I get prime women. I get them to be a bit braver, a little bolder, a lot more purposeful and a whole lot more powerful.

I want them to experience midlife as an inspiring, energising and liberating time of rebirth. Looking forward to who they can become, rather than looking back at who they used to be.

What I see around me are women fed up with feeling patronised and settling for less than they’re capable of. Far from being past their best, the enterprising primetimers I work with are rethinking how they want the rest of their life to unfold and ready to reset and start afresh.

I help them ditch the doubt and press GO on their big ideas and ambitions, so they can start out in a bold new direction and live fully, launch that dreamed about business, reinvent their career or pursue passion projects.

All my Programs, Products and Events are designed to create clarity and self-assurance, and equip them with the know-how and power tools (every woman needs power tools) to live and work in ways uniquely their own.

I’d love to help you do the same my lovely.

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It’s time we redefine women in their prime!

Society’s been sending us messages our whole lives about how we should look, think and act. In a world geared towards youth, beauty and sex appeal, by women reach their 40s and 50s we’re made to feel we no longer matter and should simply fade into the background. Sadly we buy into the stereotypes and succumb to the belief that we need to fix ourselves because we’re no longer enough.

So it’s no surprise that countless amazing women who still have so much to offer, are living ‘almost’ lives. In their prime, but feeling invisible, irrelevant and incomplete. Wondering “Is this all there is?” and questioning where they fit and what they really want.

Who decided midlife should come with a shelf-life? Who says it’s too late to start over and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do? And where in the rule book does it say you shouldn’t have the chance to reinvent yourself or any part of your life?

Don’t let age, your past, or other people define you.

Prime is ageless! We’re living longer and better, and have so many more choices available to us. That’s why there’s never been a more important time to shake off the labels and shift our thinking around the power of being a woman whose prime has come.

I’d like to propose a new way to think about your prime. It’s not about fixing yourself or changing a lifetime of who you are. It’s all about redefining who you want to be, how you want your future to look, and how to blend that vision into the mix of your daily life – so you can fully use your talents and experience and dive into the rest of your life with confidence and vitality.

Are you one of the MASSIVE number of women living beneath your promise? This is your PRIME TIME, it’s an extraordinary new stage of your life, and you owe it to yourself to do what’s true to your heart and makes you come alive.

If you’re tired of making do and are ready to do different, let’s get started on making your prime life everything you want it to be.

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